Thank You

A 6 yards postal competition using spring, SSP, or MSP air pistols, that can be shot at home or in a club.

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Thank You

Postby Thirdwheel » Thu Dec 19, 2013 10:35 am

Very many thanks for running this competition over the last months it has been fun and frustrating to compete in. The frustration comes from being a complete novice and my poor shooting ability and not a reflection on how it was run!
What a great way to present the scores and the final outcome - so much better than what used to happen when I first had a go at postal stuff in the late 70's.
The whole concept of starting a comp. for simple muscle powered (and not so simple) old pistols and to enable people like me to get a feel of competition shooting at home was brilliant!

Hope the "open day" idea comes off and I will come up if I'm not on duty, and I will partake in the next competition you run in what ever form it takes as I've now got enough pistols to cover every class!!!!!

I would like to wish you and my fellow competitors from all over the UK a very happy Christmas and a pinking new year.

"may your averages always go upwards"

From very windy Dover
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Re: Thank You

Postby pmh » Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:01 pm

Dear George,

Thank you for your kind words.

I am open to suggestions for the next comp, but postage and target costs make it difficult to bundle several target packs at a discounted rate, has as been quite rightly suggested by others. This is something we will have to look into, and we will certainly do what we can.

My initial thoughts are:-

Do we have springers only in the next round;
Do we have a separate .22 section, or include it in the main round with a "penalty";
Do we have a separate Webley round;

Lots to think about.

We did discuss having an open day, but we have all been a bit busy recently, so hopefully this will happen in the new year. Details will be published in due course.

Kind regards,

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Re: Thank You

Postby micken » Thu Dec 19, 2013 8:51 pm

Hi, springer, .22 and Webley. Yes, one size fits all and mine fits all those categories. I could shoot in them all with it.

One thing to think about, the 20 yard Sporting Air Rifle comp is scored on a .22 gauge to cover .177 to .22 and we could easily adopt that. There is no advantage for any calibre, since it's based on the centre of the point of impact and gauged outwards from there to .22. No need to separate .177 and .22 on calibre alone.

Many thanks for administering the last season Phil
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Re: Thank You

Postby zooma » Sun Dec 22, 2013 10:24 am

Thirdwheel wrote:
I would like to wish you and my fellow competitors from all over the UK a very happy Christmas and a pinking new year.

"may your averages always go upwards"

From very windy Dover

Merry Christmas to you George and thanks for your support in our first 6 yard MPL series.

I am already preparing the targets and making entry packs ready for the start of the next series that I hope we can get started very soon to replicate the original 10 meter MPL series that has two 6 monthly competitions.

I will make sure that the scores are recorded and displayed on all of the air gun forums that carried them this year so all our competitors can see them and keep up to date with how things are going.
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