Walther CP3 Match MV rebuild

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Walther CP3 Match MV rebuild

Postby Engieman » Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:13 pm

Hello - need advice and HELP on replacing the seals on my C02 Walther. I have two cylinders, I have a schematic...but although it seems obvious, I am at a loss on how to remove the brass end piece to get at the green seals. Been very careful and gentle so as to not damage or mar the soft brass, but these on on there tight! Are these reverse threaded, require a special tool, need to stand on one foot....Appreciate any tips, tricks or advice based on your experience.

Also - any source on new seals? Been looking around the US; appears to be Protek in the UK may be best source. Have read previous discussions on this, but wanted to get any successful updates.

Please share anything and everything that may help.....no matter how obvious....thanks so much!

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