A Newbie's dream pistol list to acquire

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Re: A Newbie's dream pistol list to acquire

Postby 45flint » Sat May 28, 2016 11:33 am

Abas Major is very interesting gun. Doubt any made it to the US, so few made. Hy-score may have gone to school on it. Full length barrel through piston, rear loading. Have you ever tested the speed?
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Re: A Newbie's dream pistol list to acquire

Postby Certus » Sat May 28, 2016 12:09 pm


The ABAS Major exhibits similar muzzle velocities to the larger Webley pistols around 390 ft/sec with a 7.6 grn pellet, so about 2.8 ft/lbs of muzzle energy. I like it for its unusual, underllever cocking method and tap loading system. The ABAS is one of only three air pistols I know of that use a tap loader the others being the Certus (picture below) and a variant of the ultra rare Lincoln Jeffries pistol.

I know what you mean about desiring to own some pistols which may not be the greatest in all departments, but have a sort of enigmatic appeal.

The pistols pictured below fall into that category for me. The Parker at the top must have been one of the most inelegant designs ever, but its intricate cocking system adds to the intrigue. The Certus doesn't look the prettiest design either, but its overlever cocking direction which is opposite to the Webley and self opening tap system make it an interesting design. Finally, the Westley Richards Highest Possible at the bottom which was the first commercially produced British spring pistol patented in 1911 and produced up to the start of WW1. I just love the appearance of this pistol which reminds me of the large Victorian Service revolvers popular at the time.




A.G. Parker Wind-Up Pistol.


Cogswell & Harrison Certus.


Westley Richards Highest Possible.
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