need rear sight for diana 5 pre war

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need rear sight for diana 5 pre war

Postby rickybob » Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:40 pm

I have a pre war Diana 5 and the entire rear sight is missing. there is a rectangular groove right behind the circle D arrow on top of the barrel.
one interesting thing I've seen about this gun is that the checkering on the handle on all of these models I've seen on the internet ends by going straight across around the bottom of the trigger guard. the checkering on this gun forms a V at this point with one point extending towards and about as high as the top of the trigger and the other point extending upwards towards the back of the gun.
also, does anyone have info on how to take it apart and get it in shape to shoot its best. I've heard there is a leather washer that probably needs to be oiled. will any oil work or should it really be a particular kind.
thanks for any help anyone can provide me on this gun.
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