Original Model 60T

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Original Model 60T

Postby zooma » Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:19 pm

The Original Model 60T is a very unusual and rare rifle to find anywhere as so few of them were made.

Model 60 match air rifles were the first of the recoilless break barrel match rifles to be made by Original/Diana with the Giss recoilless system, and they were followed by the Model 65 and Model 66 and finally the Model 75 side lever rifle.

The "T" number after the model number denotes that this rifle has the very desirable Tyrolean stock fitted to it, so this makes an already rare match rifle just that little bit more desirable.

A fit and prefect working example like this makes an ideal bell target rifle and is a good "talking point" with everyone that sees it. The link below shows some pictures taken of this rifle yesterday as I prepare to offer it for sale.

http://bobsairguns.com/index.php?option ... Itemid=159
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