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RWS R10 vs RWS Meisterkugeln

PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 4:52 pm
by pmh
I have been meaning to carry out a comparison between RWS R10 and RWS Meisterkuglen for some time now.

After shooting a few of the UBC comps, this afternoon, I found I had some spare time.

Using my trusty Original Model 6G, my Skan chronograph, and my digital scales, I headed for the garage.

My results are purely based on a statistics exercise, at the moment, with no sample targets shot.

I randomly took 10 pellets from each tin, weighed them, put them through the chrono with the 6G, then recorded the results, which are as follows:-


Highest readings are shown in green, lowest in red.

Using correct statistics, I excluded the highest and lowest readings from the calculations.

The pellets side by side, with the R10 being on the left:-


At first glance they seem identical.


RWS Meisterkuglen


Looking more closely, however, the R10 is slightly thicker at the "shoulder", the end of the skirt taper, than the Meisterkuglen.

So, which is the better?

Well, to be perfectly honest, I don't think the differences are big enough to make any difference, as the tolerances probably exceed the ability of most shooters.

On paper, though, the R10 just sneaks it with a tighter weight and velocity variation.

Kind regards,



PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 5:53 pm
by zunmik
Theirs some usefull info their do you also have comparative group sizes in the pipeline, M.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 6:03 pm
by pmh
It depends, sometimes I do group comparisons, sometimes I don't.

When I was trying to decide between the Hobby and the R10, for my Original Model 6G, the raw data pointed me in the right direction, but I did a target comparison just to double check, the results being as follows:-


As can be seen, there is a noticeable group size reduction with the R10.

Recently, I did the same for my Baikal MP-53M. The figures, oddly enough, pointed at the Geco and, surely enough, I have scored higher with this pellet than the others.

I do, however, intend to run some targets just to see. In theory, my data shows that there shouldn't be any performance difference.

Kind regards,


PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:16 pm
by zooma
We tested these two pellets back to back on the RMTC range in my Original Model 10, and the 4.50 Meisterkugeln pellets were grouping significantly tighter than the R10 in that particular pistol.

Quite a surprise at first - but then we have noticed the 4.50 size Meisterkugeln frequently performed the best in the Classic air pistols.

As these were the principle pellet used to win all those world records when our Classic Model 65 pistols (and similar) were in their prime, I guess I should not have been so surprised at the results.

We never had a choice of any size other than 4.50 in the 70's, so it could be the manufacturers worked to optimise the pistol to pellet performance, and we can still benefit from this all these years later.

More modern pistols seem to be more often optimised with the 4.49 size of pellet - and maybe this is why it is now also possible to buy the Meiterkugeln's in this additional size as well!