Strange Webley Senior

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Strange Webley Senior

Postby Mattdale » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:03 pm

I've recently picked up quite an odd webley Senior:
It has a 1955-1963 body (with no paint in the lettering) but has an older barrel with the longer knurled section, and an even older linkage system with a 2 piece slider that you normally see on pre-war barrels with no knurling.

The block at the front top of the cylinder seems to have been braized on after the pistol has been blued as the heat has faded the blueing at the front of the cylinder and you can see the fresh copper braize. It's a pre-war shaped block so I'm guessing it was fitted to facilitate the older barrel and linkage.

Everything is mint though, the body, barrel and linkage are in perfect condition, and it shoots really nicely although the linkage arm does rub the block ever so slightly at the end of the cocking cycle.

I can't work out why someone would do this, it seems like a lot of trouble when you could have bought a contemporary barrel and just swapped it out.
I wonder if it's something Webley would have done to utilise some old parts when they got caught short during assembly? all very odd.

Do you think this would be something a collector would be interested in or are these sorts of oddities not particularly desirable.

I'm trying to keep my Webley selection down to one of each type and I have a nice Senior already so would like to sell this on. Otherwise it'll be a near mint plinker!

I'd be interested to know what you think it's story is. (pic link below)


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Re: Strange Webley Senior

Postby Certus » Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:38 pm


In my opinion, definitely not something that would have left the Webley factory, but as you say, an interesting if puzzling modification by some previous owner.

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