Further pre-war Webley Junior pistol details

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Further pre-war Webley Junior pistol details

Postby Chris-S » Sat Sep 06, 2014 12:42 pm

Originally posted with additions and slight differences as a reply in another place at about 2200 BST yesterday


It would appear that there are a number of variations in the inscriptions on the Junior pistol. Although at first glance they may appear the same they are in fact not. Gordon Bruce gives a date for the change from the 'standard' pre-war inscription with the patent number etc to the later style between ser nos J24500 and J25000 (page 51). I do not have any records between these numbers to narrow down the changeover more precisely.

The new inscription says:


However this change is not the final one. A further change was made much later, at about ser no J30100, to the inscription as used immediately post-war. This is:


The highest number in my database is also in the J30200s and is I suspect the same pistol mentioned by John. I am rather suspicious of the 1942 dating since I do not believe the C40 and C42 codes with which this pistol's box is marked are in fact date codes. There are many of these codes applied to box labels, instruction sheets, brochures, etc, and they cannot all be date codes. For instance a pre-war 1939 Webley air pistol brochure is actually dated July 1939, but is also marked with the code C67, and there are many other similar examples.

From my database as it presently stands the shortening of the barrel from 6.5 to 6.0 inches took place within about 200 units either side of J29600.

I have in my collection one of the very late B4 pre-war pistols, ser no in the upper 30100s which appears to be identical to the above mentioned pistol. My pistol also has a rather unusual feature in that the barrel is ser no'd to the pistol - I have not seen this on any other Webley pistol, but it is in a position normally hidden from view and consists of the last 3 figures of the ser no, as on the front face of the spring guide, but is stamped on the rear face of the barrel pivot.

ATB Chris S.
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Re: Further pre-war Webley Junior pistol details

Postby Certus » Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:21 am

Hi Chris,

Some very useful information here well worth sharing with members of the BBS forum.

There still appear to be lots of small, sometimes overlooked differences in some Webley models which we still need to pin down and document for the benefit of future collectors.


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Re: Further pre-war Webley Junior pistol details

Postby Chris-S » Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:47 pm

Hi Brian

Many thanks for your reply, and apologies for this late offering but I have been rather busy and also caring for two sick dogs - they now seem to be over it thankfully.

Webley Junior research now really needs to concentrate on the first 6,000 serial numbers, or thereabouts, but data is hard to come by. There is also what I suspect is a small group of pistols around S/N J17,000 - J18,000 which need to be documented, and again around J24,000 to J25,500. If there is sufficient interest I will produce a questionnaire that I can post so I can collect more data.

I have a number of lines of Webley research in progress - some seem to be bearing a little fruit, but it's very time consuming and nothing finalised or ready for posting just now. One problem is that I live in Spain, so nearly all my research is internet based. But there is one major advantage to living here, apart from the weather, and that is a muzzle energy allowance of about 18 ft/lbs. Air weapons have to be declared to the local mayor, who employs the local police, and you are supposed to receive a card detailing your weapons - I've been waiting 4 years for one of mine and every time I query it I get the same reply of "Oh yes I'll do it soon"!

Thanks again & ATB, Chris S.
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