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Postby bellringer » Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:09 pm

Posted on another forum but thought the info might be of interest to some classicapa members also.
Firstly :- mainspring data, from 6 new unused factory mainsprings still with paper tag on; O/A 9.75" +/- 0.06" //// 30 coils; both ends closed and ground //// O/D 0.844" to 0.847" //// 10swg [0.128"] wire.

Secondly :- production assuming un-broken from No. 1; and with a few anomalies in the 'bench day book kept by the section hands' the amount is probably within a few hundred of actual production. The book I have starts at No. 44370 [W/E 7/11/1964]

Numerical Series :- 1 to 50059 [W/E 4/6/1966]

First 'A' Series :- A0060 [3/6/1966] TO A9999 [W/E 22/11/1969]

Second 'A' Series [which follows straight on from First 'A' series] :- A1 [22/11/1969] to A10,000 [W/E/5/8/1972]

'B' Series :- B1 [26/8/1972] to B10,000 [W/E 8/2/1975]

'F' Series :- F1 10/2/1975] TO F6547 [6/12/1975] F6547 is the last recorded MKIII made on the section unless anyone has info to the contrary.
This puts MKIII production at a theoretical 86,545 less any anomalies, but is as close as I can get it.
Hope this is of interest to some members.
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