MK2 Target Grip Sizing

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Re: MK2 Target Grip Sizing

Postby Certus » Sun Sep 18, 2016 11:49 am

Fishguy wrote:Brian, can't thank you enough for your assistance.

I was able to swap out the rear nut and bolt and replace with original retaining washer and screw successfully. I've got another rear sight blade on order to replace this one.

Yes I'm very disappointed in the grip situation, thought I had a winner. I think what I'll end up doing instead of repairing is wait for the reproduction ones to become available again, order them, and drill out a small hole for the pin that's just a few mm from the manufactured one. It would certainly fit then, and look proper. I'd then retain the original ones to have.

Lots to learn!


You may remember we discussed the interchangeability of Webley Mk2 Target and Straight Grip Senior grips some time ago, so, I thought this thread from the airgun BBS site might be of interest. ... t-Question


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