Three More Added to Collection

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Three More Added to Collection

Postby fronteria » Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:10 pm

Three more added to my Webley Air Pistol Collection.
The Webley MK11 Target. Which I purchased from a auction which I knew was had robbed of a lot of parts, the barrel Axis pin had been replaced by a nail or similar and riveted over to make it very difficult to remove (I used dental tools to drill and file it out)
The safety and screw were missing, as was the barrel catch, spring and screw.
But worst of all the breech had been hammered over to hold the barrel down.
It had the wrong spring in it which was broken.
The left hand grip was a original and in good condition the right hand grip had been broken and glued I had a original right hand grip in my bits a pieces box.
It took a lot of delicate work to get it in working order once again.
The Junior series two was rusty as the paint finish was scraped off, the main spring was missing and it was in a general rough state.
The paint was removed a I blued it replaced the main spring, serviced it and replaced seals and washers.
I am still looking for a right hand grip for it, to replace the damaged one.
The Brown grip senior is one I purchased I have given it a lubrication service because that is all it needed.
The other Webley MK 11 is the one I use regularly I was just giving it a service.
Photographs here: ... 9724755053
Regards Fronteria
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Re: Three More Added to Collection

Postby wadcutter » Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:35 pm

Very nice Jeff its nice when you can bring a gun back to life from when the previous owner abused it so much. Nice pictures I have yet to purchase a Webley pistol hopefully soon. :D


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