Poll - should comps be verified?

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Should monthly comps be verified

Yes - targets should be sent in (witnessed)
Yes - targets should be sent in (not witnessed)
Total votes: 13

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Re: Poll - should comps be verified?

Post by kj68 » Wed May 07, 2014 7:14 pm

I think its really good to have online comps, and also it should be based on trust at the end of the day if you cheat with yr scores its yrself you are also cheating. So I would not be sending my targets in. :think:

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Re: Poll - should comps be verified?

Post by TheWilding » Tue May 20, 2014 8:36 pm

I am yet to do the Bench Rest or 6yd comps on here, and I shot my first cards for 2x UBC comps 6yd 1 & 2 handed pistol & 6yd Open Rifle, and I have already done a season over on BSAOG I their postal/email comp, this season I'm competing in 4x different disciplines, 6yd pistol, standing; 6yd rifle, off hand; 15yd rifle, off hand; and 20yd rifle, kneeling shooting at what I assume is a 10 metre rifle 6x bull type target plus a fun target per month.

On BSAOG we need to scan and return, along with our written scores, to be verified, (that's 5 scanned targets I need to return).... I suppose it stops cheating to a degree, but whats to stop you printing out several targets and scanning the best :liar:

On UBC they stipulate the number of practice shots you can take before they start scoring which I duely take on another card just to make sure of zero and aim point, on BSAOG I print of 2x copies of the card and do the same as for the UBC cards per discipline.

I feel your only cheating yourself, you couldn't do it if you were in a live comp, where the pressure is much higher, & referees will be in attendance, so why bother in your garage on your own in a relaxed atmosphere, if you cant do it there your never going to do it when its public :naughty:

I think you should just be honest and either admit to yourself you need to improve or not bother entering, as when it comes to a live comp against people you've competed against across the www, and suddenly your scores are half of what you were proclaiming them to be I'm going to guess your integrity might just be called into question..... :liar:



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