Crosman 130 Pump-Up Pistol

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Crosman 130 Pump-Up Pistol

Post by Certus » Wed Apr 13, 2016 2:00 pm


Finally got the opportunity to take the Crosman 130 pistol I bought at the recent Bisley Arms Fair to the range last night to see what could be achieved.

After a bit of experimentation, it transpired that 6 strokes of the cocking lever provided the best compromise between physical effort expended and the generation of sufficient muzzle velocity to allow reasonable groups at 10 metres.

The pistol doesn't seem to be particularly pellet sensitive, so I was happy to shoot the 11.9 Grain RWS Hobby which always produce nice clean holes.

Although initially shooting slightly high and to the left, the rudimentary sights are adjustable for windage, but there is no provision to make changes to elevation. This didn't present a problem though as I normally use the 6 O'clock hold just beneath the aiming mark.

The paperwork accompanying the pistol identified it as having been made in in 1966 at Crosmans Canadian factory, so it's 50 years old and still looks pretty good for its age.

I could of course get better groups with my single stroke FAS 604, but there is something especially satisfying with getting reasonable groups with a much older and far less sophisticated pistol.




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