Weihrauch 45

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Weihrauch 45

Post by bellringer » Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:45 pm

Hi guys, posted on other sites, but, I have just done a service on a HW 45 pistol and as I haven't handled one in years, I suddenly noticed an 'oddity', in most 'normal' springers the main spring guide is at the cylinder end plug end of the mainspring; but in the '45' the guide is in the mainspring but inside the piston. Does any one for sure know why?? or has any idea. Has anyone not thought about this and put the guide at the cylinder end plug end of the mainspring and was there any problem or difference? Also I drove myself daft [ more so than usual] after I finished the service I just wanted to prove ''ok operation'', so I didn't re tighten the grub screw for the barrel pivot pin. When I tried to cock the gun it moved slightly and locked solid ??!!?? after several strips and assembly's and no difference, I began to turn the gun every which way to find the problem and it was the grub screw sticking out just enough to hit the bottom of the fork area on the body and lock the gun solid, the moral being if working on a '45' remove the screw completely or don't unscrew it past the face of the barrel block.
Looking forward to hearing replies and hope the tip helps at least one other person.

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Re: Weihrauch 45

Post by Flatrajectory » Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:14 pm

I am surprised that no one has replied to this post yet....so here goes.
The "guide tube" is in fact a piston weight and is placed inside the piston to improve the power ( and the recoil).
The 45 will be more pleasant to shoot if you place the weight at the rear of the mainspring and will,to some extent, help to prevent the spring from bending. It will be much better though to fit a close fitting delrin guide tube and dispense with the weight altogether. You will lose maybe half a foot pound of m.e. but the pistol should be more accurate and sweeter to shoot ..... this is what I do to these pistols.

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Re: Weihrauch 45

Post by clarky » Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:50 pm

Sorry for not chiming in before but this forum appears to have died a death.
Typically looking in at my old 53 post amongst others and havent been acknowledged in months...
However, your 45
Ive tuned 15 or so of these ....a real bugger to shoot accurately being the common moan.
Beeman and Bowkett both advocated the mainspring guide fitted down inside the piston as it adds 40 to 45 fps across a broad sampling of 8 grainers...ive tested it.
However, this was in the days of power being everything.
It wrecks accuracy on 2 counts. First the overly big mass hitting the transfer port bulkhead and second, the actual weight of the item shifting the balance of the gun in your hand.

Fitting it the usual way around, will not only provide a static weight but provide it at the muzzle end of the gun, where it should be....you just need to be prepared to lose a ftlb.
The absolute best combination is a delrin spring locator top hat ....tiny weight of 6 grams and a delrin rear guide ...
Running the thing virtually dry ....as it wants to diesel too easily..
Let me know if you require any work .

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