Benjamin XL Trail 25 cal trigger modification

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Benjamin XL Trail 25 cal trigger modification

Post by Normkel » Thu Jul 16, 2020 6:01 pm

I anyone is interested, I just acquired a Benjamin XL Trail 25 cal which had a horrible trigger so did the RV bearing modification. I have competed in bench rest rim fire & centre fire, metallic silhouette in 22 rifle, centre fire sporting rifle, centre fire silhouette, and other classes so am quite familiar with both good equipment and high quality triggers. <this for context>

There are any number of presentations of the RC bearing installation, which is easy peasy for anyone who is competent in mechanical systems. The bearing is 5 mm x 8 mm x 2.5 mm and cost me $3.00 in a local hobby shop.

We attempted to measure some of the pre-modification and post-modification trigger qualities.

Measurements were taken from the centre of the trigger's finger pad:

Trigger creep (original) 2.93 mm

Trigger pull 64.5 oz (original)

Sear engagement (original) 0.80 mm

Modified with 5 mm x 8 mm x 2.5 mm trigger pull 3.6 oz

Trigger creep not perceptible after bearing install.

The result was striking as it resulted in a trigger which has "glass rod" breaking quality and as light as an experienced competitive shooter might wish.

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