Weihrauch 55M rebuild and repair

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Re: Weihrauch 55M rebuild and repair

Post by zooma » Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:28 pm

I have found a suitable c/s 4mm screw to secure the bipod rail and a larger c/s screw that fits the screw thread that holds the stock to the mechanism through the bipod rail and after I had shortened it and reduced the diameter of the head on the Peatol it now also fits really well.

Now the rifle is all together and tonight at RMTC we took the barrel off so we could insert a small nylon block into the recess of the linkage to stop the very loud "Clack" that it made every time the barrel was "broken" to cock it.

This nylon block had been inserted by a previous owner and we had hoped that after the restoration that it may not be needed but this loud "Clack" seems to be a feature of this rifle and it is much quieter with it inserted (and it cannot be seen when it is in place) so it is now back in again and the rifle is much nicer to use with it fitted.

The rifle has already settled down and it shoots like a dream so it is back where it came from as far as performance is concerned but it looks a whole lot better!

It's like having a new rifle except that it has a real character and I am not sure if it is possible to buy a new rifle that can make you grin like this :D
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Re: Weihrauch 55M rebuild and repair

Post by Tank » Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:45 pm

I really like this rifle. Apart from the fact that it is extremely accurate (apparently, someone explained to me today, I need to spend AT LEAST £2k or the thick end thereof in order to consistently hit the Bull or I am wasting my time) and extremely nice to shoot, compared to most Boat Anchors I have tried lately this thing weighs nothing. The fatigue from holding this rifle just does not exist.
Just think, an accurate lightweight rifle. You never know, it might catch on.
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