Webley Mark 1

A place to discuss all things Webley. As this is probably the most collected airgun maker we felt it deserved a section of its own.
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Webley Mark 1

Post by seedy » Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:45 pm

There seem to be some people who are quite knowledgable about the Webley mark 1.
I have an early one, not wooden handles, number on end of barrel is 602.
On right side of barrel it is marked Webley and Scott Birmingham 4, on the other side The Webley Mark 1 Made in England.
.177 MK1 on area below sight, and a marking to indicate where to put oil.
It came in a leather holster, with rivets on one side towards top.
Can you provide any information?
I sort I believe it had a military connection.
I can photograph if wanted.

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Re: Webley Mark 1

Post by fronteria » Sat Sep 08, 2018 12:04 pm

The Webley MK1 pistol with the Birmingham 4 stamp were made between 1946 and 1958 after their move, 1958 to 1964 air pistols were stamped just Birmingham.
If it was a pre war MK1 it would have the serial stamped in full above the lefthand grip scale, with the last three numbers of the serial number stamped on the front air cylinder front plug where the 602 number is stamped.
The Lefthand Side of the air chamber should be stamped THE WEBLEY “MARK 1” MADE IN ENGLAND”.
The righthand side of the air chamber should be stamped, WEBLET & SCOTT LTD., BIRMINGHAM 4 and further along the air chamber it should be stamped WEBLEY PATENTS.
The number is a batch number rather than a serial number and the Dennis E. Hiller tells us that the batch numbers run from 67 to 2350 from the 1946-1964 period.
A military connection is very unlikely as there were commercially made leather holsters that were commonly available from gunsmiths and hard ware shops at that time, it was not uncommon to be able purchase an air pistol or air rifle from a cycle shop during that period.

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