Webley Air Pistol Batch Nos

A place to discuss all things Webley. As this is probably the most collected airgun maker we felt it deserved a section of its own.
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Webley Air Pistol Batch Nos

Post by Certus » Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:23 pm


As all Webley fans know the company stopped annotating their air pistols with Ser Nos after WW2 and instead used Batch Nos which made accurate manufacturing dating a bit harder for us collectors.

Over on BBS a thread has been started to log post-war Webley air pistol Batch Nos in an attempt to establish batch number sizes and definite evidence of Batch No duplication.

The poster of the thread has provided guidelines as follows:

"The idea is to record post WW2 batch numbers for the Mk1, Senior and Junior air pistols. No need to post pics yet but if two are identified with the same number, then we'll look for further details. We just need to be mindful a pistol may have changed ownership over time and we need to be sure we are not recording the same pistol twice. It is also possible two pistols with the same apparent batch number may be identified, which were made years apart but share the same number. Again, these examples will warrant further study if and when they are encountered".

It might also be helpful if we can establish whether the pistols are pre 1958 (B4) or later.

Obviously, the larger the database the more likely we are to learn anything of interest. It would be helpful if any CAPA members who are not also on BBS could provide details outlined above. I will then pass these on so that hopefully we can generate a large enough database to learn a bit more.



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Re: Webley Air Pistol Batch Nos

Post by Senior Hubert pjx147 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:33 pm

Hi to you all.
Re batch numbers on Mark1, Junior and Senior pistols.
My Mark 1 is marked Batch no. 29. This batch number is on the main body beneath the
left grip, on the spring guide, the trigger guard and the sliding barrel catch. I have only
recently acquired this pistol and with the help of my Gordon Bruce book have opened up
some debatable issues which I will post when I have concluded my research.
My Junior is marked Batch no. 553.
My Senior is marked Batch no. 1210. This pistol is Nickel Plated.
All three pistols are pre 1958 showing the Birmingham 4 postal mark.
I believe the Junior to be 1955/1958, the Senior to be pre 1955.
As for the Mark 1, it could be an early post WW2 build using pre WW2 parts that were
available when resumption of assembly began again. There are quite a lot of interesting
Senior Hubert.

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Re: Webley Air Pistol Batch Nos

Post by dc3-c47 » Mon Apr 02, 2018 8:25 pm

I can't see how to get onto BBS???
Hope this is of use:
Post war Juniors
Batch No. 1324 on a pre 58 model
Batch No. 1312 on a post 58 model
Batch No. 391 on an early pre 51 model with extended grips and solid rearsight

Post war Mk1 pistols
Batch No. 633 on a pre 58 model in .177 stamped Do Not Remove breech plug
Batch No. 644 on a pre 58 model in .177 plain breech plug
Batch No. 310 on a pre 58 model in .22 stamped Not to be removed breech plug

Post war Senior Pistols
Batch No. 746 on a pre 49 model in .22 plain breech plug
Batch No. 423 on a pre 54 model in .22 plain breech plug
Batch No. 399 on a pre 49 model in .177 plain breech plug

Regards to all

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Re: Webley Air Pistol Batch Nos

Post by Jeff » Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:51 am

Mk1 Batch 752 pre 58
Sen Batch 121 and 261 both pre 58

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