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Webley Venom Viper

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 1:18 pm
by fronteria
I had a 2005 Webley custom shop built Webley Venom Viper PCP given to me because it was defective and couldn't be charged with air, by the pump that came with it.
I charge it from my dive bottle after replacing a O-ring that was missing from the probe, and it holds air pressure just fine with no leaks, so the rifles air and charging system were not defective.
I fitted a new Hawke scope to it, but it was not possible to zero it as it was shooting a 10" group at ten yards, contacted Steve at V-Mach Custom Rifles (who designed and built it) who was very very helpful I carried out what he advised me to do, found the problem to be pellet clipping in the after market moderator fitted to the rifle which I have sorted out.
It now prints 10 shot groups which are smaller than a 5p piece at 25 yards.
Photograph of rifle and a target shot are here: ... 156931367/" onclick=";return false;
and here: ... 156931367/" onclick=";return false;