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Webley MK1 Straight Grip Pistol

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 1:04 pm
by fronteria
I have just won a Webly MK1 straight grip with a trigger adjustment screw locking screw, having been trying to get this type for some time, but everyone at auction had gone well over the price I wanted to pay which was around £150-00 including auctioneers commission and shipping. But all of those I bid on went over the hammer price of £200-00 and in one case £260-00 when you add the commission on average of 32% although some are 36% you are looking at a total before shipping of £264-00 the best shipping charge are from Holts who charge £25-00 but most of them want £40-00 or more for an air pistol, which pushes up the total cost to over £300-00 which makes it uneconomical as you never know what repairs are required to bring the pistol up to a good working standard as the auction houses only report on the condition of the external finish and components many of the internal components could be damaged or in some cases missing, as I have found out after the item has been delivered and checked over, and at auction it is buyer beware! (No guarantee)
To replace any internal components like seals, pins, rings, a new spring and badly damaged screws it is easy to spend more than a £100-00 as spares are priced at extortionate levels for these old pistols.
This one has cost me a total of £142-00 including shipping, what repairs are required to it remain to be seen!

Re: Webley MK1 Straight Grip Pistol

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2020 8:38 pm
by fronteria
Photographs of the Webley MK1 Straight Grip I won at Auction ... 2593653211