It's become an illness

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It's become an illness

Post by andyals » Thu Apr 08, 2021 9:13 pm

I mean my sudden and irrational fascination with vintage airguns.
I guess it's an age thing.
I started match pistol shooting aged 18 back in 1982 and was totally absorbed by the sport.
I was in the Army then and saved long and hard to buy an FWB 65.
As time went on I sold and bought so many air pistols.
Walther LP3, Air Match, Original 10 to name but a few. I've lost count but finally settled down with a FAS 604.
I loved that pistol and shot the best I ever had with it.
I did eventually graduate to co2 in the late 80's and obtained a FAC which was needed for gas guns back then but never felt as good with it as I did the FAS.
By the mid 90s I'd given up shooting and sold everything I had with the exception of my beautiful mint Walther LP53 which I bought off a club member over 30 years ago.
So glad I still have at least one of guns from those great days.
Recently I purchased a FAS 6004 purely out of nostalgia because as far as I can tell its identical to that wonderful 604 I owned back in the day and well, now I've got the bug.
I spend a lot of time trying to find the pistols I once owned but I always seem to be too late.
If only I could find a nice example of my first match pistol, the FWB 65.
Anyway sorry for the long intro and I look forward to getting help for my addiction from fellow addicts.

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Re: It's become an illness

Post by Trouty » Wed Jun 15, 2022 8:01 pm

Good Evening,
This is my first post and I’m finding my way around the site. I have just bought at an auction 2 lovely air pistols.
A Webley Senior with the Birmingham 4 stamp in excellent condition and an LP53 in pristine condition. I’m very pleased with these lovely guns.
I wonder if anyone can help. I’ve bought a new mainspring for the Webley and it now fires extremely well. However it is extremely difficult to cock. I’ve lubricated everything wit Stihl chainsaw oil but don’t want to over do it. It has a PB piston seal. Any suggestions would be welcome. Secondly how are you supposed to zero the sight with such a ridiculous Heath Robinson arrangement? Many thanks in advance, Trouty

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