Aims and Objectives update

The aims and objectives of the CAPA
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Aims and Objectives update

Post by SysAdmin » Mon Apr 22, 2019 10:13 am

I am not a fan of secret societies or hidden agendas, I really do believe you need to be open and honest with people. I certainly do because I have a terrible memory some days and a deception would just run away with me!

So in the interest of total transparency there are going to be some changes to the forum and I would welcome suggestions. It is a sad fact that our hobby is shrinking and I cannot stop that but I sincerely believe that we can apply pressure to the brakes and slow this inexorable march. Looking around at the other fora it is pretty clear that the successful forums have diversified. The airgunbbs for example is now half airgun and half firearm, their for sale section is massive and encompasses anything "gun" orientated.

We need to look at the clues and act accordingly. When Phil and I set this forum up six years ago it was to discuss our hobby of Classic Air Pistols that we collect and admire, we need to get with the program and expand that to cover other gun orientated interests and that includes firearms. I am very reluctant to change the title of the forum as we are well established. Ask Google about the more obscure air pistols and this forum is at the top as the authority. We have an opportunity to expand and I have decided to take it. It is either that or close the forum completely. We make nothing from this and it has cost me to keep it going and more recently to update the platform, I expect nothing in return financially but I see a chance to bring like minded people together to discuss their interest and hobby. If we do not show that we care, nobody will do it for us. Airgun licensing in Scotland has decimated the hobby up there and I believe that Airgun Licensing in England is inevitable, "reduces crime you see". Not.

Finally, I would like to thank Mick (Zunmick) for all of his efforts and the onging contribution I hope he can make to this forum.