HI From North Wales

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HI From North Wales

Post by bobkneale » Sat Dec 13, 2014 10:40 am

I'm new to this forum, however not so new to shooting. Located in North Wales UK I have been shooting for nearly 30 years, started with .22 UIT pistol then progressed to full bore pistol and police pistol and practical pistol plus shotgun, of course all that stopped when the UK Law changed.
I have lived in Asia and Africa since then and of course could return to my sport there however in Africa it was mostly for self defence.

Now I shoot air pistol at 10 MTRS with a Styer LP2 with LP50 rear sights fitted. Just started postal comps with NSRA.

I would like to link up with other members that are interested in the same 10MTR air pistol disapline as I am the only person in my club that shoots this disapline the rest shoot .22 Rifel / black powder and full bore Rifel.

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Re: HI From North Wales

Post by pmh » Sat Dec 13, 2014 11:15 am

Hello Bob,

And welcome to the forum.

Many 40+ shooters probably started in their back gardens / down the local canal, usually plinking at anything and everything.

When field target became popular in the mid to late 80s many clubs stated up and shooting became more popular. Unfortunately, twisted media and the nanny state mentality is now inventing ways to demonise people and shooting quickly lost favour.

In answer to this the Commonwealth and Olympic games have helped rekindle some interest, and 10m competition shooting certainly seems one of the more acceptable forms of shooting from a public perception.

Many of us in here do shot 10m competition and we even opened our own club to facilitate the interest. We now have 12 members and are doing very well in the Dorset competition, having had medal winners in nearly all the seasons we have entered.

We started off with 4 members and are now pretty much full every week. All from a website and distributing flyers around local shops.

One of our members also shoots at another club, which tends to concentrate on plinking / field target. He has turned up there regularly and practiced his 10m shooting. Over the weeks a few of the other members have taken an interest, and 10m activity is starting to rise.

Kind regards,

I now have so many airguns I've had to make a list, which is >>HERE<<
>>North Manchester Target Club<<

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