fettling gamo compact trigger

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Re: fettling gamo compact trigger

Post by Tank » Sat May 04, 2013 11:08 pm

micawber:2789 wrote:I've got a load of cocktail sticks so I'll try those first.

I hold my hands up and confess to over complicating things on occassion!
I’m going off to go find myself. If I’m not back by the time I return, keep me here.

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Re: fettling gamo compact trigger

Post by Spiny Norman » Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:56 am

micawber wrote:Well guys I finally finished fettling my gamo compact trigger, First I striped down the trigger mechanism smoothed and polished all the moving parts with a fine file and finished with 1200 grit wet and dry (the surfaces were pretty rough) then assembled it all with a touch of molly grease on the moving parts, I kept the original springs, I then replaced the trigger adjusting screw with a longer one from a light switch wall cover, (the original screw is 12mm long the new screw is 14mm long)  I screwed the new in with the gun cocked but( NOT LOADED) till it went off then backed the screw off 1/2 a turn, the trigger is smooth and much lighter suites me fine. :D  :D  :D
Thanks, I have recently acquired a Gamo Compact, and it was useful to read this. I tried a longer screw, but doesn't this adjustment just take up the first-stage "slack" in the trigger movement? And if you continue to screw in, the sears is pushed back, eventually to the point where you can't cock the gun at all.

What I've now done is to lengthen/weaken the short spring in order to reduce the trigger pressure, and I've also added a little grease to the sears. I haven't yet filed and polished the moving parts, but this does sound worthwhile.


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