6 Yard MPL Postal Competition for .22 Air Pistol.

Postal competitions using spring, SSP, or MSP air pistols, that can be shot at home or in a club.
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6 Yard MPL Postal Competition for .22 Air Pistol.

Post by zooma » Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:48 pm

.22 Air Pistol. 6 Yard MPL Postal Competition.

We now have a .22 MPL air pistol competition to run alongside the existing .177 MPL competition.

We will not attempt to work out a scoring system to combine them together with the normal .177 competition, but run a separate .22 competition to the same rules (apart from the pistol calibre) so this is a new strain of the MPL series devised to accommodate those that prefer to shoot .22 air pistol.

There is no reason why anyone cannot have two entries - one for the .177 event and one for the .22 event if they should choose.

Entry for the .22 competition is exactly the same as for the .177 competition - just pay the entry fee ( plus postage if required) but mention ".22" when entering so you are placed in the correct competition as these two different calibre's will not be scored together and it will also be nice to have two separate events running alongside each other.

We have no entries for the .22 air pistol competition yet - but following comments from some shooters that have a .22 air pistol and are unhappy they have no precision target shooting competitions - here is one !

If this .22 MPL competition does not get any support (call my bluff ) we will not run it again so here is an genuine opportunity for the .22 air pistol shooters to have the competition they have asked for so please take advantage and support it so it will continue this year and in the future.
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